Asociación Civil creada para contribuir a la conservación del patrimonio natural de los andes venezolanos
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Ecoazul is a Venezuelan NGO integrated by a team of wide experience in the field of ecology and education. In Ecoazul we share  the idea of enjoying the nature contributing to its protection, through the promotion of ecological principles. Ecoazul is registered as Non Profit Organization, according to the Venezuelan laws.  Our Association is  integrated by environmentalist's professionals and community leaders who were working together since 1989. In the year 2001 they decided to unite their efforts to reach a common objective: the preservation and development of in the high basin of the Capaz river, located in the north of the Mérida State, which takes its waters toward the plains of the Maracaibo Lake; area of invaluable scenic and ecological value. The Capaz river basin also belongs to the area of influence of the north section of the "Sierra de la Culata" National Park, a very beautiful park crowned with summits, moors and lagoons with the legendary beauty of the Andes.
The society contributes to the projection of this natural resources, national and internationally, promoting  the concept of rural tourism and the creation of community organizations that allow the economic development of the communities where these programs are imparted, with the purpose of improving the commercialization of the agricultural, cattle and handmade products. Along these years Ecoazul has understood that the education is the key and only through it the rural residents may forge a better future and  preserve one of the most beautiful and important ecosystems in our country: the Andean cloudy forest.  All these reasons have been good to create Ecoazul.  Ecoazul since 2013 is developing an extension programme called “Step by Step I Recognize My Natural Home”,  supported by the Global Environment Fund (GEF) in El Paramito village, headquarters of Ecoazul. The Board of Directors of Ecoazul is integrated by seven members: a General Coordinator, an Administrator and five Directors of Programs. They should be designated by the Assembly and will last three years in their functions. Contact us For more information about this region and our activities you may write us: e-mail:
Since 1989...
The Capaz River Basin
Is the area where Ecoazul works and belongs to the area of influence of the north section of the “Sierra de la Culata” National Park, a very beautiful park crowned with summits, moors and lagoons with the legendary beauty of the Andes. This is a region under special protection because of its high water potential, rich forests and biodiversity. Actually presents a serious environmental degradation resulting from human activities, particularly the expansion of agricultural and livestock frontiers, "... the Municipality shows a rapid loss of forest mass, therefore it is considered appropriate to direct actions to protect the life of the forest with friendly practices with biodiversity … changes in vegetation cover due to land use, are worrisome because of the magnitude and speed of deforestation, affecting biodiversity and hydrological and climatic regimes”. (Maldonado Colmenter-Dezzeo Salas, 2010, GEF / CIARA). Ecoazul with more than 17 years working in rural communities aims to promote the implementation of agro- ecological models as a profitable productive alternative that contributes in minimizing the environmental impact. Andrés Bello Municipality, northwestern region in the State of Mérida, Venezuela. Capaz River Basin, legally established as Area Under Special Administration. Location: referential coordinates UTM 19: E 256449 N 963361; E 230299 N 973621; E 224623 N 953775. Territorial extension: 40,875 hectares. Municipal Capital: La Azulita, the only urban center. 24 rural villages scattered throughout the Municipality. Area with high water potential, rich forests and an important biodiversity. Bird migration corridor, considered among the top 10 most diverse places in the world. 46% of the territory is located within the National Park “Sierra de La Culata”. The mountainous region has five natural ecosystems known for its vegetation: Dry Forest Tropical Rainforest Premontane, Lower Montane Rainforest, Forest Very Humid Montane and Sub-Andean moor. Predominant vegetation: evergreen forest, from small epiphytic plants to tall stem trees with intermediate canopies in many ways. Presence of varied fauna, insects and microorganisms in each zone own life. Climate: varies from humid to sub-humid. 1,600 mm annual rainfall. Temperature (variable depending on height): between 8 °C to 30 °C (46.40ºF to 86ºF). Most representative vegetable species: Tabebuia rosea, Eritrina poeppigiana, Cecropia peltata, Royal Poinciana, Psidium caudatum, Wildlife: Mammals: Tremarctos ornatus, Dasypus novemcinctus; Nasuella olivace; Agouti tackzanoski, Potos flavus; Three-striped night monkey; Didelphis marsupials. Endemic Bird: Pyrrhura rhodocephala, Hemispingus reyi, Myioborus albifrons; transiting this region (among others): Penelope montagnii, wattled aburri, Crested Quetzal. Municipality estimated population: 14,238 inhabitants (INE-Census 2011). Rural population: 8,582 inhabitants. Services in the city center and villages: electricity, water, telephone and health. The roads in the area are in precarious conditions throughout the region. Economic activities: agriculture, trade, small industries and incipiently low-impact tourism. Our fundamental premise is to contribute to the protection and conservation of the Capaz River Protected Zone Basin.
Copyright © 2002-2017, Ecoazul. Derechos Reservados. Sede Aldea El Paramito, Municipio Andrés Bello, Sede Aldea La Carbonera, Municipio Campo Elías, Estado Mérida, Venezuela.
Ecoazul has a social, cultural and environmental commitment and, as the primordial objective, the education of our fellow citizens and the improvement of their    conditions of life                      through the                projection of                                                the values of                                             the nature.
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